by Christopher von Frankenberg

art research and media philosophy

Christopher von Frankenberg’s thesis outlined the contours of global musical phenomena that could be described as ‘Internet music’ or music for the ‘Post-Internet’ youth. Phenomena that started around the early 2010s and are still continuing until this day. Internet Music wasn’t just defined as music on the Internet, but music heard as being shaped by, symptomatic of, or straightforwardly ‘about’ the perceived effects of the Internet, with the two often conflated. Nevertheless, the term ‘electronic online underground’ is more appropriate in order to outline this ‘style’. The term ‘style’ proved as essential since the analysed phenomena went beyond a mere audible output and often had conceptual dimensions (‘Accelerationism’, ‘Hauntology’, ‘Posthumanism’, ‘Gender- & Identity politics’) as well as connections to the art world 1(‘Post-Internet-Art’). Through a historical, cultural and musicological analysis, the ‘High-Tech’-aesthetic of the ‘electronic-online-underground’ was juxtaposed to its predecessor, the ‘Indie’-aesthetic. Here, the thesis reflected upon their modes of popular music production (means music-making outside of the commercial music industry), their aesthetics (an idea about what sounds good or a style or even a life-style) as well as their function as “counterculture” (a community of music making contrary to the normative taste, a protest, a form of resistance, a ‘sub-culture’ that could be distinguished from main stream culture).

Week 5

Rhythm of No Heart Beating

Rhythm of No Heart Beating dances to music composed with the help of artificial intelligence, it dives deep into forms of knowledge, whose painter’s intentions are long forgotten, it cries on the shoulder of a skin-like arm, vibrating in your mother’s heart rhythm. Which tact do we follow unconsciously, after generations of floating on the same earth’s surface? The artistic and art theoretic positions explore very different yet always strong patterns undercurrent and precedent to our society.


Internet Music

Christopher von Frankenberg

In this lecture, Christopher von Frankenberg will present excerpts and ideas from his thesis INTERNET MUSIC: THE ELECTRONIC ONLINE UNDERGROUND/ MUSIC FOR THE POST-INTERNET YOUTH. In the course of this lecture, he will present a definition of music as art, introduce the term ‘High-Tech Aesthetic’ and connect it to the artistic practice ‘Post-Internet Art’ and theories about ‘Accelerationism’.