Sad, Too Early

by Till Gombert

media art

A funeral of a family member is announced. Jeremias travels with his mother Margret to Karlsruhe. Confused by an incorrect eulogy, Jeremias and Margret soon realize that they are mourning for the wrong person. Till Gombert's diploma film "sad too soon already" observes our uneasiness in dealing with death by means of a failed funeral service. What happens when the established rituals of mourning management themselves become the source of disorder? The funeral service is exposed as a moment that should not be blown up by organizational errors. The ritual framework, arousing organ sounds and trembling candlelight lead one to believe that one can hope for organizational absolution here. The trip however is not only a journey to the funeral service, to that family member who was not known and yet is one of his own, but also of a journey into a social sphere that is supposed to master an event as intangible as death through rituals and conventions.

Week 6

Rituals of the Now

How do we read and are read? On which basis do we evaluate what is wrong and right? Rituals of the Now goes deep into holy repetitions and sacred confirmations, some of which one might never locate in present times, while others being so intimately close to us that they would not be graspable without the performative lenses proposed by the featured artists, scenographers and art theorists.


Zu früh schon traurig

Till Gombert

In the upcoming interview, Till Gombert will talk about his graduation film „Zu früh schon traurig“ and will provide insides into his filmmaking approach.