C at the End of A Line is A Whisper

by Tatjana Stürmer

communication design

C at the End of A Line is A Whisper deals with the affective and speculative dimensions of design. Starting point is the manuscript, the Book of Kells, a copy of the New Testament, handwritten in the 9th century. In this book, created in geographic isolation on an island in the outer Hebrides of Scotland, figures (Creatures) and strands (Tropos) are interwoven. They form a typeface full of knots, diffusions and irritations – the sign and the image can no longer be clearly distinguished from one another. C at the End of A Line is A Whisper appropriates this mode of writing and retranslates it into an installation and new media. The installation in the ZKM Pavilion on Brauerstraße Karlsruhe transforms the given space into the metaphor of a 'large, lying book'. Once again, a copy of the manuscript, this time a radically situated one, is produced. The graphic-visual form thereby fulfils the function of a doppelganger: an outwardly narrative communication medium and at the same time a tool of investigation and deconstruction of its own form, whereby its characters and symbols strive to leave the flat, fibrous pages. The forms of the Book of Kells are made visible through the act of descendant and in the method of performative exaggeration 'of participating in them' in the three-dimensional space through the allocation of different materials such as clay, wool, metal and fabric. Materially and haptically decoupled from the manuscript, they are carried on into the video work Rire et leche. The - empty - roll-shelf archive in the basement of the pavilion becomes active and its functionality is anticipated. As the double floor of the installation, it welds together 'sign' and 'space' inseparably. It is dominated by unstable systems of order. The speculative and the (female) imaginary become wanderers through forms of speech and its transcription, through body and sign. C at the End of A Line is A Whisper has a twofold meaning. Firstly, it is an observation, seemingly stable. Secondly, with reading it out loud it suddenly becomes indexical: See, at the end of a line is a whisper! But whispering remains unseen. It can not be grasped by the eye, only an ear can tell. The work was done in collaboration with Lena Reitschuster, Lukas Rehm, Manuel Cistof and Corinne Riepert. The diploma was supervised by James Langdon, Rebecca Stephany, Barbara Kuon and João Tabarra. Foto Credits: Oliver-Selim Boualam Project funding: LBBW Stiftung

Week 6

Rituals of the Now

How do we read and are read? On which basis do we evaluate what is wrong and right? Rituals of the Now goes deep into holy repetitions and sacred confirmations, some of which one might never locate in present times, while others being so intimately close to us that they would not be graspable without the performative lenses proposed by the featured artists, scenographers and art theorists.


C at the end of a line is a whisper

Tatjana Stürmer

In her lecture Tatjana Stürmer will introduce to her work „C at the End of A Line is A Whisper“ through a performative reading. Following this her video work „Rire et lécher“ will be screened online.