This is water is water is water

by Minh Duc Pham

exhibition design and scenography

Based on a musical composition that seeks to formulate a present in the before and after of Narcissus' self-recognition, Minh Duc Pham translates this music score into a visual dimension by creating mirrored pieces. Recombining and reducing itself anew, the act of observing and reflecting becomes entangled in a constant flow, in a sculpture that repeatedly falls away and grows again, to investigate the fragility of the border between identity and environment. In this way, the work eludes the idea of a holistic motif and, through its modular structure, rejects that longing for completion. Diametrically opposed to Narcissus' transfer to nature, however, Minh Duc Pham's voluminous performative installation casts the view back into an institutional, privileged space, thus placing questions of identity and conformism in a relationship to permanence and fluidity. Event video Minh Duc Pham, conversations with Binghao Wong and Mahret Kupka for HfG Graduation Studio 2020 Mahret Ifeoma Kupka, Dr. phil, is a German art researcher, curator and author and, like Minh Duc Pham, a graduate of the HfG Karlsruhe. Since 2013, she has been curator for fashion, body and performance at the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt am Main, among other positions. Binghao Wong is an artist and art researcher and fellow at MoMA New York in the Contemporary and Modern Art Perspectives (C-MAP) programme, currently based in Singapore. Credits: Editing: Anna Lauenstein 
 Subtitles: Good&Cheap Art Translators 
Photographs: Pham, Minh Duc 

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Week 6

Rituals of the Now

How do we read and are read? On which basis do we evaluate what is wrong and right? Rituals of the Now goes deep into holy repetitions and sacred confirmations, some of which one might never locate in present times, while others being so intimately close to us that they would not be graspable without the performative lenses proposed by the featured artists, scenographers and art theorists.


This is water is water is water

Minh Duc Pham

Together with the curators Mahret Ifeoma Kupka from MAK Frankfurt and Wong Binghao from MoMA New York, Pham Minh Duc discusses essential aspects of the installation This is water is water is water and how the work intersects with the artist's practice.