someone to play with

by Michelle Mantel

communication design

Michelle Mantels diploma work someone to play with explores the human wish not to be human. For this purpose, she focussed on fetish role-playing games like petplay, the embodiment of fantasy creatures, monsters, objects or alien role-playing games. Interviews with people from the fetish scene in London form the core of the content. The interviews were conducted this year in August for this work. The impressions from the encounters, the motivations as well as the experiences and stories of the persons are translated into photographs, objects, sound installations and performances. By dealing with alternative living environments, the view of one's own understanding of norms is challenged. Giving in to these expressions of human desire means to become intimate not only with humans playing with non-humanity, but also with other forms and modes of existence in general.

Week 4

Bodies Exercising Society

Bodies Exercising Society focuses on material practices either shaped through architectonic or other societal surroundings or, inversed, shape society by means of continuous, maybe repetitive practices. Implicit predicaments of court architecture gain visibility when translated into movement notations, socio-emotional entanglements fly high if a case of sexual violence takes place in one’s own, thought to be reflective and liberal environment. The body is a crystallization point for biopolitical propositions, the thing all too easily neglected and displaced, yet never totally forgettable it has the power to fight back in moments unanticipated.


Someone to play with

Michelle Mantel

In a short video, Michelle Mantel will present the exhibition of her diploma project „someone to play with“. The project explores the human wish not to be human based on interviews of roleplayers from the fetish scene in London.