Plant Furniture

by Max Guderian

product design

Plant Furniture bases furnishing on plant pots. By integrating plants into everyday furniture, Max Guderian takes first steps away from a human-centered design towards a more plant-centered one. Based on the feeling one has when lying under a tree snoozing, hearing the sound of the wind rustling through leaves, and seeing the sky within the sharp contours of branches, Plant Furniture attempts to relay our deep connection to the natural environment indoors. By acknowledging the plant as an integral part of our indoor life, the construction challenges the dichotomy between us and the environment and brings our dependencies into consciousness. The furniture series consists of beds, tables and benches in various sizes and offers options for both the private and public space. Water-resistant and modularized, Plant Furniture allows for a versatile application and free (re-)arrangement of plants. The furniture is constructed to be opened and closed at any time, enabling you to change plants around without harming them. The Bed is available from 90 to 180 cm width. Waking up, you'll feel like you took a nap on a sunny day in the park. The tables are also available in three different sizes: a small side table, a coffee table and a larger table, which may be used as a workstation. Ideal for places where people meet, the bench keeps private space between the users depending on the size of plants in use. It consists of modules that cover 1/6 of a circle (∅ 3,0 m) each. The ends are pushed together and lock securely on to the plant pot. Larger plants and bidirectional or amorphous arrangements can be used to establish separate situations, smaller plants in a circular composition make for a conversational setting. End pieces can be used to round off open compositions. Foto Credits: Michelle Mantel


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