Guter Dinge

by Leonie Ohlow

exhibition design and scenography

GUTER DINGE is a choreographic dialogue between three machine-things and one performer, combining elements from theater play, installation and dance. With crude, unpredictable patterns of movement, Dirigentenkreisel [conductor's spintop], Staksende Wippe [staking rocker] and Wabbelndes Seegras [wobbling seaweed] wander, wriggle and swing through the room: they are disturbers and disturbed - characters on a stage. With scenographic means, GUTER DINGE investigates the interplay between machines, performers, spoken text, choreography and spatial elements such as boundaries and sound. In terms of content, GUTER DINGE is a decentralized assemblage, a non-hierarchical collection of ideas: What results from an interplay between two partners who must remain unequal? Do we have to infuse things with a soul before we respect them and take them seriously?

© GUTER DINGE (Trailer) – Leonie Ohlow

Week 2

Stretching Life / Finite Heights

Stretching Life / Finite Heights zooms in and out to challenge the existing borders of humanhood. Where do we end? What do we relate to, what do we depend on? Does empathy always only go hand in hand with pathetic fallacy? Where is the end to the flying fire we are currently riding on? These pressing questions are not only dealt with in artistic works, but also leave their imprints on the way, in which products and books are conceptualized.


Guter Dinge

Leonie Ohlow

Leonie Ohlow exhibits one of her kinetic machine-things and will show a video documentation of her performative installation Guter Dinge that investigates the interplay between machine-things, performer, spoken text and choreography.