by Anne Tönsmann

product design

A chair whose backrest functions as a clotheshorse. A telescopic suitcase not only complies with the airline's one-suitcase rule but offers simultaneously sufficient storage space for the entire household. A bedside cabinet is fitted with a handle and mutates into a trolley, carrying its cosy flair to every hotel. A table, under whose table top small bags serve for the laundry storage. Anne Tönsmann works intuitively and prototypically with bulky waste. Unused space is effectively processed, old furniture is moved, transported in an expanded form, stuffed - in any case, reused. The result is 18 humorous objects that interact sensitively with the properties of the material, but also with the needs of their users.

Week 3

Gathering the Given, Sampling the System

Gathering the Given, Sampling the System finds different patterns of collecting amongst our living surroundings: from blind spots of artificial intelligence’s search algorithms to tools that help organize people in political positioning processes. Whereas visual likeness seems to be quite misleading in the shown projects, alternative practices of resembling and reinventing promise to shed new light on old things.


Möbel//Mobil - Anne Tönsmann

Anne Tönsmann

Anne works prototypically and intuitively with bulky waste parts, which she combines into objects with new contexts.