by Julian Wallis

communication design

Diaries not only serve as documentation, but also for reflection and analysis of experiences and decisions made. They also provide a basis for the projection of possible future decisions and paths in life. In the two-part multimedia installation REVISION PREVISION, Julian Wallis trained an artificial intelligence on his own diary entries of the years 2012–2020 with the aim of transferring these otherwise intimate analysis- and prognosis-processes to an algorithm. In the second part of the work, videos were collected as pictorial metaphors for various parts of decision-making processes. Here the emotional aspect of decision-making processes is taken into account, complementing the mathematical, analytical projections of the algorithm.

Week 5

Rhythm of No Heart Beating

Rhythm of No Heart Beating dances to music composed with the help of artificial intelligence, it dives deep into forms of knowledge, whose painter’s intentions are long forgotten, it cries on the shoulder of a skin-like arm, vibrating in your mother’s heart rhythm. Which tact do we follow unconsciously, after generations of floating on the same earth’s surface? The artistic and art theoretic positions explore very different yet always strong patterns undercurrent and precedent to our society.



Julian Wallis

A short video documenting the two-part multimedia installation REVISION PREVISION.