WWWE - World Women Wrestling Entertainment

by Hanna Scherwinski

exhibition design and scenography

Violet Sahara and Miss Ballshot Chanel have so far struggled hard to be balanced: attended yoga classes, practiced meditation, practiced regular sports, and each year they took time out together for hiking and relaxation. The unpleasant, physical consequences of negative feelings were counteracted with crunch splints and neck massages. For where a woman gets angry, there is a cry for hysteria, exaggeration, PMS, shame and rejection. WWWE is a 40-minute, performative wrestling show in public space. The focus is on two women, their crew, a band* and a hostess, who try their hand at wrestling together with the audience and negotiate the social tabooing of angry women in the ring. As is usual in show fighting, the action sequences are partly improvised and enriched with show elements and storylines. In addition to documentary video footage, scripted actions are shown, thus creating contexts and associations that, on the one hand, negotiate the practice of wrestling as a performative cultural technique and, on the other hand, examine the role of angry women - both within the context of the male-dominated, sexualized history of wrestling itself and in everyday social life in general. Raising women's anger to a new guiding culture, Violet Sahara and Miss Ballshot Chanel founded World Women Wrestling Entertainment. There they freak out, become loud, strike and free themselves from the structures of the social-normative imperative of the calm, balanced, always friendly, socially competent woman. Because anger is not a male privilege and fighting is certainly not.

Week 4

Bodies Exercising Society

Bodies Exercising Society focuses on material practices either shaped through architectonic or other societal surroundings or, inversed, shape society by means of continuous, maybe repetitive practices. Implicit predicaments of court architecture gain visibility when translated into movement notations, socio-emotional entanglements fly high if a case of sexual violence takes place in one’s own, thought to be reflective and liberal environment. The body is a crystallization point for biopolitical propositions, the thing all too easily neglected and displaced, yet never totally forgettable it has the power to fight back in moments unanticipated.


World Woman Wrestling entertainment - TRAILER

Hanna Scherwinski

A very short trailer of a wrestling performance with angry women presented by Hanna Scherwinski and her glorious girls.