AI and I

by Felix Plachtzik

communication design

Sadly, the poster designed by Felix Plachtzik and his self-designed AI-intern did not make it in the final nominations of the 100 Beste Poster awards. It seemed that it lacked some parameters for judging it properly. The problems of their collaboration seemed to be: 1. too random design; 2. dataset is too small; 3. posters are designed in layers like color, form, typography, humor, inspiration, personal style; 4. poster had no informational layer. (announcement to an event, political messages, etc.). The poster bot is just one of many speculative objects developed by “AI and I”, a simulated design studio between graphic designer Felix Plachtzik and various artificial intelligence algorithms. In a daily work routine, they explored new strategies and tools to deal with the changing visual world of generated images. By taking existing AIs, turning them upside down, misusing them, misunderstanding them or switching perspectives, the design studio not only took a look on how collaborating in a creative process with AI works, but also asked about the role of designers, when every visual output can and will be used as dataset for machine learning?

Week 3

Gathering the Given, Sampling the System

Gathering the Given, Sampling the System finds different patterns of collecting amongst our living surroundings: from blind spots of artificial intelligence’s search algorithms to tools that help organize people in political positioning processes. Whereas visual likeness seems to be quite misleading in the shown projects, alternative practices of resembling and reinventing promise to shed new light on old things.


AI and I

Felix Plachtzik

"AI and I" is a series of experiments that imagine a collaboration between me as a designer and an AI. I've let an AI be part of a creative process to find out how it affects daily design processes, the automatization of design and how it may lead to new (better and worse) design perspectives.