by Emily Ortlepp

exhibition design and scenography

After Peter Munk makes a deal with a spirit of the forest, in which he exchanges his own heart for a stone in order to gain a large fortune, he realizes that his life is worth nothing. In order to come back from the inner state of emptiness, he tries to win back his old heart with a ruse. "HEART OF STONE"- more than just a Black Forest story? The play focuses on the socially critical themes of the fairy tale of an achievement-oriented society, striving for success, longing for recognition and love, and transfers them to the present day. Based on Wilhelm Hauff's 1827 fairy tale of the same name, one actress played the role of Peter Munk, while the other characters - Glasmännlein, Holländer-Michel and Peter Munk's wife - acted solely in a video. In cooperation with the departments of direction, acting, scenography, media art and dramaturgy, Emily Ortlepp developed the scenographic equipment of the stage and video room: Starting from the heart, which symbolically and physically plays a central role in the play, she created a floating construction made of lengths of fabric of different materials, attached to two steel rings, which represents the interior of the soul of the main character. During the piece, the performer explores the interior of the object; the illusion of the fairy tale is gradually destroyed. "HEART OF STONE" is shown on the studio stage in the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe. For this version, the stage set was adapted there to the stage space and the possibilities on site.

Week 5

Rhythm of No Heart Beating

Rhythm of No Heart Beating dances to music composed with the help of artificial intelligence, it dives deep into forms of knowledge, whose painter’s intentions are long forgotten, it cries on the shoulder of a skin-like arm, vibrating in your mother’s heart rhythm. Which tact do we follow unconsciously, after generations of floating on the same earth’s surface? The artistic and art theoretic positions explore very different yet always strong patterns undercurrent and precedent to our society.


Das kalte Herz

Emily Ortlepp

A 52-minutes video documentation showing the solo theater evening of December 10, 2019, with actress Swana Rode in the set of the newly interpreted fairy tale 'The Cold Heart' by Emily Ortlepp.