Nothing that happens to us or Sufficient Cause for Public Lamentation

by Anja Ruschival

exhibition design and scenography

Anna, a student of linguistics with a focus on Russian and Spanish, is originally from Ukraine. Jonas has a doctorate in Eastern Slavic Studies and spent a year abroad in the Ukraine. They got to know each other through their mutual friend Hannes, discovered they had some things in common and slept with each other. During Hannes‘ birthday Anna and Jonas are unrestrainedly drunk. They sleep with each other, again. Consensually? From now on Hannes is in a difficult mediating position: Is Anna lying when she accuses Jonas of sexual violence? How to maintain loyalty to a friend who rejects the rape charge? When sexual violence takes place in one's own environment – in the family, in the circle of friends, in the study group – personal, emotional and moral assumptions about each other become fragile. When is a feeling a legitimate assessment of the situation? Who has the right to articulate him-/herself? Who owns the privilege of having his/her voice given weight, his/her body being counted? How does a statement become truth, a text become recognized knowledge? How are the discourses on truth countered? Anja Ruschival’s radio play in immersive setting "Nothing that happens to us or Sufficient Cause for Public Lamentation" is based on the novel "Nothing that happens to us" by Bettina Wilpert. Staged in the outdoor area of a café, the listeners sitting on chairs around tables, physically take up a dialogue position, yet the negotiation of the content takes place only on the level of the radio play, thus creating a spatio-bodily exercise of a dialogue on a subject usually circumvented. Credits: Radio play actresses/ actors: Swana Rode (Anna) Robert Besta (Jonas) Jannik Mühlenweg (Hannes) Judith Milz (Daria) Juliane Schmitt (Lisa) Hanna Jurisch (Nina) Sound Design and editing: David Loscher Assistant directors: Hanna Franke Max Guderian Graphik Design: Bruno Jacoby Novel: Nichts, was uns passiert by Bettina Wilpert Project funding: LBBW Stiftung

Week 6

Rituals of the Now

How do we read and are read? On which basis do we evaluate what is wrong and right? Rituals of the Now goes deep into holy repetitions and sacred confirmations, some of which one might never locate in present times, while others being so intimately close to us that they would not be graspable without the performative lenses proposed by the featured artists, scenographers and art theorists.


Nichts was uns passiert oder Genügend Anlass zur Erhebung der öffentlichen Klage

Anja Ruschival

Nothing that happens to us or sufficient cause for public action is a radio play that was created as part of a theater installation. It addresses how our society deals with sexual violence.